De-Coupling the Mixing & Packing Processes to Increase Efficiency

Myosyn Industries Pty Ltd was established in 1988 to manufacture and supply cures, seasonings and premixes to the meat and poultry industries in Australia, and the company has since ventured into markets in New Zealand, S.E. Asia and PNG. In recent years it has diversified into manufacture and supply of products to the food service and dairy industries.

Myosyn identified the need to improve the efficiency of the mixing process. In the existing facility the mixer discharge was directly coupled to the bag packing process, this meant the mixer cannot be used until the mixed batch is packed off. The mixer is idle for this time and the Overall Equipment Efficiency is very low <10%.

During discussions with Matcon, Myosyn Industries MD, Mr Ben Rayfield realised that the operation could be a lot more efficient when the mixing and packing processes are separate processes and are de-coupled. The mixed batch is loaded into a Matcon IBC, which takes minutes and the IBC is taken to the separate packing feed area.

In March 2010, Matcon were awarded a contract for the design, supply and commissioning of a Matcon IBC System for Myosyn manufacturing facility located in Eagle Farm, QLD.

Advantages of a de-coupled Mixing and Packing processes:

  • Faster filling, faster emptying & faster mixing- improves efficiency
  • Close transfer, no cross contamination (GMP)
  • Keep mixing room clean, no dust, improved health & safety
  • Optimise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) “Sweat the Assets”
  • Minimise work-in-process (WIP) – help eliminate unnecessary inventory
  • Only produce what has been sold – avoid over production

In summary with Matcon Lean Philosophy, it will help you improve your cash flow that can be used elsewhere in your business thus providing a nearly instantaneous Return on Investment.

Process Steps: The manufacturing process is batch based using Matcon’s Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) technology. Raw materials supplied in 25 kg bags are manually tipped into the existing ribbon mixer. After mixing, the batch is dispense into a 1300L IBC and the IBC is taken and located above the Dendy packing machine and packed into 25kg bags.

Changes to Current Process – by Mr Ben Rayfield:

” The previous system consisted of the packing process located directly under the mixer. The filled bags were stitched using a hand held sewing machine, then through a metal detector.

The new system consists of a mixer with an IBC filling station directly underneath. The filled IBC is then placed onto a Matcon discharge tower, which feeds product into a Dendy Packaging Machine. The bags are filled and passed through a Q-Stitch in-line sewing machine, before it is conveyed through a metal detector.

The Matcon process has enabled us to save significantly on labour costs, which makes the new project affordable in terms of the rate of return on investment.

The system also allows us to load the IBCs with mixed product the previous evening, thus eliminating the early morning downtime of the old system and increases the daily production capacity through the packing machine.

The new system has reduced spillage and created a dust free environment which was difficult to maintain previously. We were able to modify our dust extraction system, as the sources of dust were significantly reduced.

In terms of production flow and efficiency, we were able to adjust the batching and blending rates to achieve a seamless production flow based on the rate at which the IBCs were emptied.

We are very pleased with the Matcon system, which has performed to specification without fault.”

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