DODGE MagnaGear XTR Gear Reducers Deliver Exceptional Torque

The DODGE® MagnaGear XTR™ family of gear reducers from [Baldor Australia]() delivers high power/torque densities of up to 450,000Nm in a compact and versatile foot print to enable systems engineers to achieve substantial weight and space saving designs.

The DODGE® MagnaGear XTR™ is a modular, global product that extends the advantages of planetary gear technology to achieve size reductions of 25% or more in larger capacity reducers compared with all helical or bevel gearing systems, significantly simplifying equipment design for engineers and equipment OEMs.

“Development of reducers such as the DODGE® MagnaGear XTR™ is not taken lightly”, said Daniel Vera, Managing Director of Baldor Australia. “The benefits and reliability of planetary gearing have been well proven with the DODGE® CST™ (Controlled Start Transmission), a 2-in-1 reducer and hydro-viscous clutch drive now operating in more than 2000 long-haul conveying applications around the world. The MagnaGear XTR™ is an extension of our considerable worldwide experience in delivering heavy gearing solutions, and we have incorporated many features and specifications that place the DODGE® MagnaGear XTR™ ahead of competitive products.”

Features include higher specification bearings than is usual in this market sector, exceeding L10 life standards, monoblock cast iron housings up to 175,000Nm, oversized inspection covers for easy access and maintenance, four side mounting, carburized hardened and ground gears, tandem HNBR lip seals, oil sampling ports, provision for 3 axis vibration monitoring, internal backstop design and optimized thermal dissipation.

Available in either parallel shaft or right angle drive configurations, and in ratios of up to 63:1, the DODGE® MagnaGear XTR™ offers a highly versatile solution for many common high volume bulk handling applications in minerals processing and mining, loading/unloading facilities, power generation and cement production, quarry, timber, pulp, paper and heavy industry.

The DODGE® MagnaGear XTR™ is designed to meet or exceed international and AGMA standards and is built to order in five helical sizes from 12,000Nm to 45,000Nm and nine planetary sizes up to 450,000Nm. Each size utilises a ‘Universal’ housing for any mounting configuration, whether it is right angle or parallel offset; the design can also be inverted to accommodate right hand or left hand applications.

The smaller (all helical gearing) sizes can be supplied with solid or hollow output shafts. The hollow output is our patented Twin Taper Bushing to allow for easy installation or removal. The reducer is also compatible with a variety of soft start mechanisms, including VF and fluid couplings.

A large range of engineered accessories are available including, internal lift-off style backstops, cooling systems, rigid couplings, torque arms, swing base mounts, tunnel housings, and base plates.

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