Ultra-Web Nanofibre Cartridge Filters

Ultra-Web nanofibre cartridge filters are now standard in all Donaldson Torit dust collectors and are also available as replacement for any cartridge collector used in most industries.

Ultra-Web is a Donaldson-developed technology engineered to deliver cleaner air, longer filter life and lower costs, with Donaldson’s MERV 13 efficiency rated, surface-loading nanofibre technology.

Exclusive Ultra-Web captures even submicron particles achieving 40% lower emissions and is expected to last twice as long as traditional commodity filters, leading to significant savings in energy, filter and labour costs. The web-like layer of nanofibres on Ultra-Web media encourages dust particles to rapidly accumulate on the filter surface building a thin, permeable dust-stopping filter cake, cleaning the air by filtering even submicron contaminants.

Engineered with a patented process, Ultra-Web nanofibre media efficiently filters particles 0.3 of a micron and larger by capturing them on the surface of the media, solving premature filter plugging, and making contaminants easier to pulse off compared to depth-loading 80/20 blend or cellulose commodity medias. Such 80/20 blend or cellulose medias have a diameter range of 10 microns and larger with spaces of up to 30 microns between fibres, allowing dust to collect and become deeply embedded in the media; thus reducing air quality, efficiency and media lifespan.

The superiority of Ultra-Web with nanofibre technology was confirmed by independent lab tests that revealed 80/20 and cellulose media have lower MERV efficiency ratings, and are not suitable for capturing submicron particulate. MERV ratings are established using ASHRAE standard 52.2, and are the most current and accurate ratings used to report filter performance, and a filter’s ability to capture particles by size; the higher the MERV rating on a filter, the cleaner the air. In separate independent lab tests, conducted by LMS (Minneapolis, USA) and Intertek (New York), Ultra-Web nanofibre filter media was the only media to receive a pre-HEPA MERV 13 efficiency rating.

In full-scale lab testing, over 500 hours of operation, Ultra-Web displayed a much lower operating pressure drop than 80/20 or cellulose medias; filters, which lasted less than 150 hours, were excluded from the reported results. Filtration scientists attributed surface loading technology to a lower operating pressure drop over a longer period of time; this explaining Ultra-Web nanomedia’s superior longer lasting performance compared with commodity filters.

Because, with depth-loading commodity filters, pressure drop begins high, and rises quickly, Ultra-Web lasts up to two times longer than commodity filters such as plain cellulose, or cellulose/synthetic (80/20) blend media. Most manufacturers change filters out at 6 inches of pressure drop. After 600 hours of operational testing, Ultra-Web displayed only a 2-inch pressure drop; hence longer filter life.

Ultra-Web nanomedia’s surface loading technology provides filters with a low operating pressure drop resulting in significant energy savings of up to 50% by switching from 80/20 blend filters to Ultra-Web. In addition to this saving in energy, maintenance and filter costs are also reduced with fewer filter change-outs. Energy savings can be even further enhanced with the use of larger collectors.

All scientific filtration research agrees: higher efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop, and longer filter life equal significant energy and cost savings. Donaldson’s innovative Ultra-Web nanomedia reflects, and incorporates, the best this research has to offer.

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