Donaldson Technology for Mining Sample Specialist

A new sample preparations facility of mining industry specialist, Genalysis, has received a heightened level of OH&S following the installation of Donaldson Australasia dust handling technology by its agent in South Australia.

Genalysis, a world wide leader in the provision of quality analytical services to the global mineral exploration industry, installed a flexible extraction system at its new Adelaide laboratory. A major planning objective was to ensure that rigidly high levels of OH&S were kept at this new location, in keeping with the client’s high workplace standards. The final solution comprised Donaldson Downflo® units DFO4-48 and a DFO3-36 with a cartridge collector; a system that helps eliminate potential for dust in the atmosphere and enhances overall safety.

Donaldson Dowflo technology works well in this solution for two main reasons: a small operating footprint and high-level filtration technology (known as Ultra-Web). Ultra-Web uses patented nanofiber technology that provides a filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5 micron particles. Apart from the excellent filtration standards it provides, this advanced media also ensures an extended filter life and lowest operating pressure drop in a full range of cartridges. It is supplied in three configurations: Ultra-Web, Ultra-Web FR (flame retardant), and Ultra-Web NL (a no-liner, banded construction for enhanced dust release on statically charged parts).
Genalysis was expanding processes beyond its main facility in Perth and it was calculated that for its duties the company would require two new dust collectors.

When doing studies on the mining samples they are sent, Genalysis technicians put them through a crusher and test for gold and other valuable metals. When there is a large drum of crushed samples rolling around all the dust generated is ducted toward the dust collectors to ensure safety for all workers. The amount of dust generated the sample preparation processes in the facility means without the system workers could be subject to low visibility and health problems.

According to Genalysis, the new system removes up to a tonne of dust per week. The system was installed in less than five weeks.

The Donaldson Downflo® collector uses a reverse pulse system operating with a Delta P controller and is pulse-on-demand, delivering extremely high collection efficiency while consuming less energy. Downlfo technology requires a smaller collector to minimise initial purchase price, reduce filter replacement costs and use less manufacturing floor space across most industries including general engineering, food, quarrying and mining and construction.

Models are completely self-contained ‘plug and play’ type units supplied with a power pack, controls, silencer, damper and dust container. Quiet when operating, the compact units are easy to move through standard aisles and doorways. This is ideally suited for the work undertaken at the site. Basically, one of the two systems is for minor and general samples work and the other is for more ‘quarantined’ work which involves valuable samples which must avoid any chance of cross contamination.

This is a clean industry and the client was adamant about starting up as a completely dust-free operation and remaining that way. Genalysis analyses more than 1,000,000 samples per year. Headquartered in Perth, Genalysis established this sample preparation operation in Adelaide alongside similar outlets in Kalgoorlie (WA) and Johannesburg (South Africa). All offer separate and dedicated low-level and ore-grade facilities. The pulps from all sites are expedited to Perth for analysis.

The Perth head office and Laboratory has an extensive range of facilities including dedicated low-level preparation (including a Robotic Sample Prep), digestion laboratories (including bulk cyanide leach, partial leach technology, aqua regia, fire assay) and state-of-the-art instrumentation including ICP-OES and ICP-MS, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and Automated XRF.

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