Donaldson Tetratex Supports Environmental Issues Affecting the Cement Market

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions are two of the greatest challenges for the cement industry today. Industrial manufacturers can look to Donaldson Membranes, a division of Donaldson, a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, for superior baghouse filtration products using Tetratex ePTFE (polytetrafluoroetheylene) membrane technology that will support their manufacturing processes.

Manufactured from ePTFE fluropolymer resin, Donaldson’s Tetratex membrane is laminated to a variety of substrates which provides higher efficiency than conventional bags. Its ‘non-stick’ nature delivers exceptional dust cake release, creates increased air flow and a decrease in pressure drop translating into considerable energy savings and extended bag life. Other features include:

  • Near zero emissions meet or exceed the strictest regulatory standards
  • Increase in the air-to-cloth ratio permits reduced baghouse sizing
  • Maintains filtration efficiency by limiting fine particle penetration – even particles as small as .05 microns
  • Exceeds all substrate chemical and thermal properties
  • Chemically inert and thermally stable up to 550ºF (287ºC)

Tetratex is ideal for the cement making process including kilm, clinker, finish mill and coal mill. Tetratex is also an excellent choice for cement baghouse filtration as it can be used in a variety of applications including baghouse retrofits, dust collection and air pollution control devices. It is sold in thermally laminated composite roll form to qualified filter bag manufacturers.

It can also be applied to customer-provided substrates that meet Donaldson’s stringent quality assurance requirements. Additionally, Tetratex is remarkably flexible and is capable of being thermally laminated onto woven filter media, nonwoven spunbonded materials and needlepunched felts used in pulse-jet dust collectors.

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