Dotmar’s Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts

The exclusive distributor of System Plast conveyor chains, belts and components.

Networking with System Plast and customers allows Dotmar to provide solutions utilising the latest generation of innovations across a wide range of industries and applications. These modular plastic belts follow the industry standards on measurement and are focused on quality and application focused design. Not only are they durable and have excellent line efficiency, the material available varies for different positions in the line depending on the application and industry; for packaging or food and beverage industries.

Unique materials such as NG chains and modular belts, which are recognised for running without lubrication, have offered new possibilities to conveyors. Dry running conveyors not only saved costs but in many cases, the applications required a dry solution. NG chains and belts is seen as the most successful conveyors and was also proved to provide longer wear life in comparison to acetal materials with reduced noise levels in straight and curved lines.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Excellent sliding properties
  • Optimum product stability
  • Longer wear life
  • No lubrication required – Dry Running
  • Noise reduction
  • UV resistance improved
  • Ideal combination with the Dual Magnet curve

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