Dust Suppression Hopper

Dust Suppression Hopper

Is dust a problem for you? Fallout from bulk loading dry goods in now a thing of the past with the development of the Dust Suppression Hopper (DSH), available from DSH Systems Ltd. Companies in Australasia are using it to control dust, enabling a cleaner and safer work environment and by reducing waste, the hopper pays for itself in weeks.

The hopper is suspended above the target and kept continuously full. By concentrating the stream of dry goods into a solid column, DSH Systems’ purpose-built dust suppression hoppers:

  • Minimise dust
  • Save wastage
  • Lower capital expenditure and maintenance costs
  • Create a safer, healthier environment.
  • Improve staff working conditions
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Shorten loading times
  • Trucking rigs stay cleaner

The dust suppression hopper works on a range of cool, dry free running products, e.g. fertilisers, wheat, grain, stock-foods, sugar, lime and gypsum and in applications such as loading trucks, tankers, wagons and storage heaps.

The hoppers are produced in several sizes to accommodate different loading rates. They are rotational moulded, with optional ceramic coating. Also stainless steel hoppers for food grade applications and units with PLC control which regulate products of varying weight and facilitate the load-out of different products on the same conveyor system. Clients report that aside from the hoppers efficiency, reduced maintenance means they no longer have to reline old systems every few months and there are no more electrical concerns such as winches that used to raise and lower the old chute.

The hopper continues to be trialled with different products and in various applications.

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