DUSTFIX Provides the Answers for Dedusting Industrial Materials

Thanks to many years of experience in mixing technology, WAM Australia today is capable of offering a new dedicated solution for disposal of industrial dust and for a variety of other mixing issues. The DUSTFIX® series is now ready for the market after in-depth engineering according to customers’ requirements. The result is a new generation of dust conditioners/mixers which combine reliable mixing quality with improved features and ergonomics at an attractive price.

The DUSTFIX® is the ideal solution to match market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, eco-friendliness and price.

The DUSTFIX® Dust Conditioner consists of a carbon steel tubular casing with SINT® engineering polymer liner, a combined feeder screw/mixing shaft, one vertical inlet and a flush outlet in SINT®, a liquid supply point in the conditioning section, a drive unit with integrated adjustable shaft sealing unit.

In terms of function and economy, the DUSTFIX® Dust Conditioner is the ideal machine for the evacuation, conditioning and disposal of industrial dust. Due to its particular technical features, the use of innovative SINT® engineering polymers and extremely short processing time, DUSTFIX® is suitable for continuous duty.

Self-cleaning SINT® chamber
The particular configuration of the machine provides for a flexible jacket fixed in a steel frame. The pulsating chamber jacket prevents hardening materials from caking on, thus allowing the mixer to continuous self-cleaning while operating. The elasticity of the chamber also prevents wear on the mixing/conditioning tools. Less wear also translates into reduced energy consumption.


  • Easy to install
  • Attractive price
  • Low maintenance
  • Rotor completely removable and replaceable
  • Easy to clean (self-cleaning)

With a number of units currently in use in Australian in quarries, asphalt plants and associated industries Dustfix is now a proven solution provider for dedusting industrial materials.

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