Dustfix the Right Solution for Removing Dust from Powder & Granular Materials

DUSTFIX® is the most economical, technologically advanced, easily installed machine for conditioning industrial dusts. It can be used for a variety of industrial applications in various different sectors, whenever dusts need to be treated for recycling purposes, storage or disposal. Dustfix can be used for mixing different powder and liquid additives, creating dust-free products or aggregating powders.

DUSTFIX® is suitable for continuous duty thanks to its particular technical features, use of innovative SINT® engineering polymers and its particularly rapid work cycle. When it comes to operation and running economy, DUSTFIX® is the ideal machine for exhausting, conditioning and disposing of industrial dusts.

The DUSTFIX® Dust Conditioner consists of a carbon steel tubular casing with SINT® engineering polymer liner, a combined feeder screw/mixing shaft entirely manufactured in SINT® engineering polymer, one vertical inlet and a flush outlet in SINT®, a liquid supply point in the conditioning section, a drive unit with integrated adjustable shaft sealing unit.:DF

In terms of function and economy, the DUSTFIX® Dust Conditioner is the ideal machine for the evacuation, conditioning and disposal of industrial dust. Due to its particular technical features, the use of innovative SINT® engineering polymers and extremely short processing time, DUSTFIX® is suitable for continuous duty.

  • Dry feeding and conveying section
  • Drive: from 4 to 30 kW (5 to 40 HP)
  • Capacity: 2 to 80 m3/h (1.18 to 47.1 cfm)
  • Conditioning section consisting of replaceable chamber made of engineering polymer SINT®
  • Combined feeding, conveying and conditioning shaft manufactured from engineering polymer SINT® with separately replaceable mixing tools
  • Outlet safeguard in elastic engineering polymer SINT®

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