Easy Method for Calibrating Sieves

Sieve accuracy can now be checked “in house” with a method providing verification using microsphere standard, covering every sieve between 20 and 3350 µm. It is a simple weighing technique, which is both fast and low cost.

  • Sieves do not need to be sent away for calibration.
  • Rapid procedure completed in 2 minutes.
  • Traceable to international standards – NIST, NPL.
  • Single-shot vials, removes operator sampling errors.
  • Accurate to 1 µm for the smaller apertures sieves.
  • Method analyses over 80% of the sieve surface.

The on-site calibration of test sieves has been further simplified by the introduction of new software. It allows the calculation of sieve apertures directly from the weight of glass calibration beads passing through the sieve.

To determine the mean aperture size, the operator simply selects the nominal rating of the sieve to be calibrated and enters the initial weight and the weight of the beads passing through.

Using the new program, it is possible to measure more than 80% of available apertures with full NIST traceability, in less than two minutes. The speed, simplicity and reliability of the procedures have eliminated the need to return sieves to the manufacturer for recalibration.

The new program will be provided free of charge to customers purchasing Sieve Standards.

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