EMCO Controls Orimas Mass Flowmeter

Principle of Measurement

A restriction in a pipe line changes the value of the different energies. Based on the law of energy balance, as developed by Bernoulli, the sum of energies remains constant. Increases in the velocity in the pipe line decreases the pressure in the restriction. The pressure differential between the inlet pressure and the pressure in the restriction is measured expressing the flow velocity. The static pressure and the temperature are measured. When the physical values of the fluid are known and the inner pipe diameter is established the electronics calculate the mass flow. The mass flow is expressed in an analogue signal 4 – 20 mA or signal for digital communication.

The ORIMAS mass flow meters measure the mass flow of most liquids and gases within the process industries, including chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and the power industry.
The ORIMAS is based on the principle of measuring velocity, the static pressure and the temperature in the pipe line. The electronics computerise the mass flow by using the 3 measured values.

The ORIMAS flow meters are backed by international standards covering flow calculation, manufacturing tolerances, accuracy and installation requirements. This type of bare bone technology is world wide accepted and supported by millions of successful installations.

Two Models of ORIMAS are available;

The ORIMAS flow meter model OR1 consists of a primary element based on the differential pressure principle, a 3 valve manifold, a multi variable transmitter and a temperature sensor. The multi variable transmitter measures the differential pressure, the static pressure and has an input connection to the temperature sensor. The flow computer housed in the transmitter performs the dynamic flow calculation.

The ORIMAS flow meter model OR2 consists of a primary element and operates as mentioned above but has an integrated 3 valve manifold.

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