Emerson releases major updates to seismic reservoir modeling and simulation software

RMS 10 brings enhancements to seismic interpretation, structural and property modeling, reservoir engineering and automation for improved reservoir management, increased productivity and reliable production forecasting.

STAVANGER, NORWAY (December 8, 2016) — Emerson Automation Solutions has launched the latest version of its reservoir characterization and modeling software. Through a host of new features and greater workflow integration to support the Big Loop™ solution, Roxar RMS™ 10 provides improvements to the seismic to simulation workflow; new decision-support tools for improved reservoir management; and increased user performance and productivity.

“RMS 10 is all about accelerating field development and ensuring operators’ access to the best possible information for those crucial decisions on where to drill and what production strategies to adopt,” said Kjetil Fagervik, vice president of Roxar Software product development and marketing, Emerson Automation Solutions.

He continues: “From accurate volumetric estimations through to building flow simulation models, optimized well planning and the implementation of our Roxar Big Loop solution, RMS 10 delivers on all counts – handling all reservoirs including the most complex plays, and dramatically improving efficiencies and performance throughout the reservoir characterization and modeling process.”

Key features of RMS 10 include:

  • Strengthening the Seismic to Simulation Workflow. RMS 10 comes with a number of improvements to the powerful reservoir modeling workflow. Seismic interpretation is made stronger with a new Trace Viewer and enhancements to the snap to seismic technology, further supporting geological risk quantification early in the process. There are improvements to both structural and property modeling with a more flexible stratigraphic framework, improved horizon modeling algorithms and a better isochore quality framework – all contributing to a more accurate and complete reservoir model and understanding of the subsurface. There are also enhanced capabilities for building and maintaining flow simulation models.
  • New Decision-Support Tools. RMS 10 provides greater workflow integration to support the Big Loop solution and has versatile reporting tools. This includes improved support for the building of complete flow simulation models; greater integration across different domains; automated, repeatable and traceable well modeling to keep models up to date; and the automated creation of well targets.
  • Productivity & Performance Improvements. RMS 10 provides productivity and performance improvements with increased interoperability and workflow customization; new functionalities for visualizing data; and enhanced well management through its data explorer tool.

RMS 10 has also been designed to maximize the benefits and support the ensemble-based workflows of Emerson’s Big Loop™ solution. Big Loop is an automated workflow that tightly integrates static and dynamic domains so that they are synchronized throughout the field’s lifetime, thereby providing the most comprehensive uncertainty assessment and the best-quantified risk in the reservoir model.

Emerson provides static and dynamic reservoir characterization and modeling software. Emerson’s Roxar RMS reservoir modeling software is an industry leading geosciences and reservoir engineering platform for seismic interpretation, well log interpretation and correlation, mapping, geomodeling, gridding and flow simulation. The software enables operators to integrate their data in one place and capture and propagate uncertainties across their workflows.

For further information on RMS 10, visit www.emerson.com/Roxar

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