Emerson Valve Diagnostic Tool Seamlessly Integrates with KVAP Software

Emerson Process Management’s FlowScanner™ 6000 Version 6.6 valve diagnostic tool now seamlessly integrates with the Kalsi Valve & Actuator Program (KVAP) from Kalsi Engineering, Inc. This integration allows efficient tracking and trending analysis and direct feedback to calculate functional margin in accordance with ASME OM Code Mandatory Appendices III and IV.

FlowScanner 6000 is Emerson’s powerful valve diagnostic tool used to evaluate the performance of all makes and models of air operated control valves.

KVAP is state-of-the-art software used to perform design basis calculations for common types of valves and actuators used in air-operated valves and motor-operated valves. KVAP includes validated models based on comprehensive flow loop testing that provide accurate and bounding predictions, potentially resulting in larger margins.

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