Enmin Successfully Conveying Dusty and Abrasive Materials

Conveying dusty and in some cases abrasive materials from storage vessels does present some problems. Traditionally screw conveyors would be selected to handle the dust issues however where abrasive materials are encountered a high degree of maintenance is the result. Second is the other concern of material build up and bearing failures. On the positive side materials can be conveyed vertically or at very steep angles.

An answer to the dust and abrasive problems, in conveying a wide variety of materials can be found in Vibratory Tube Conveyors. The conveying process is totally dust free with flexible sealed inlets and outlets. Should the need arise, dust extraction ports can be fitted to reduce any airborne dust generated by the process. Vibratory Tube Conveyors will deliver product at surprisingly high tonnage rates and since no moving parts are involved the big bonus in very low maintenance.

Where abrasive materials are present experience has shown that some wear in the tube takes place but even with material such as slag the wear factor is low. Part of the design parameters is the inclusion of a flexible assembly where the tube can be rotated through 180 degrees to combat wear and effectively double the life span of the tube. Second being de-mountable the tube can be easily replaced at a low cost.

For lesser abrasive materials the standard design offers an economical conveying solution for distances up to 7 metres and using the special flexible in line connectors the overall length can be much greater. In keeping to these general parameters the Enmin Vibratory Tube Conveyor offers benefits in both initial investment as well as in significant reductions in maintenance costs.


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