EximoFlex Provides Off-the-Shelf Solutions

EximoFlex provides industry with a range of off the shelf solutions with Eximo making sourcing your flexible ducting needs simple.

According to General Manager Mrs. Melissa Phelps, “Now you can get the best of both worlds, quality EximoFlex at prices as good as you’ve come to expect from Eximo, right on your doorstep”.

Moreover notes Mrs. Phelps, “the company can custom build for your needs, including such specialized products as ventilation ducting up to 1800 mm internal diameter that resist up to 300 degrees Celsius, a flex that is resistant to various microbes and hydrolysis, a flex that handles corrosive liquids and high abrasives and even one that resists chemicals”.

“So whether it’s state of the art antistatic ducting; ducting with superior high chemical resistance or flame retardation; ducting that offers high flexibility and excellent axial compressibility or ducting resistant to aggressive and abrasive fumes and dust, Eximo can provide the solution”.

“To date, we have assisted clients whose applications are as varied as air seed planting machinery producers, right through to high-end industrial cleaners. What’s more, all Eximo flexible duct products clip straight into Eximo SpeedLock standard, heavy wall and grain duct, with hose tail fittings built into the modular duct”, concludes Mrs. Phelps.

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