Explosion Protection for Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are commonly used to transport combustible material vertically and because both internal and especially external ignition sources cannot be prevented, elevators have to be protected
in order to reduce the effects of an explosion.

There are three different ways to apply REMBE products in elevators.

1) Normal Venting: The utilization of the EX-GO-VENT on an elevator located outside is one variety. The distance between each venting device varies is depending on the strength and shape (round/rectangular) of the legs, as well as the bucket material (plastic/metal) and the material itself.

2) Flameless Venting: Another application is the Q-Box II on elevators, to ensure safe venting and protect the surroundings from occurring flames inside building.

3) Special for high (indoor) elevators: For high elevators (> 30 m) the costs of sole flameless venting (way 2) could lead to high costs. For this reason ElevatorEx II (consisting of Q-Bic, IR-Detector and Q-Box II) has been invented. In the event of an explosion the Q-Box II relieves pressure, the IR-Detector recognizes the flames and triggers the Q-Bic to insert extinguishing powder in the legs to stop flame propagation.

Due to the fact that elevators are mostly the bottle neck of conveying processes in plants, the protection of elevators ensures business continuity of the whole plant and of course reliably reduces the effects of disastrous dust explosions at a minimum of investment.

It is a fact that explosive atmospheres and ignition sources cannot be prevented, almost every bucket elevator needs to be protected. The advantage of the ElevatorEx II is that it is the only ATEX approved solution for elevators, which generates a turnover of at least 20K € each time it is installed. The utilization of EX-GO-VENT can generate 5K € and the application of the Q-Box II means at least 10K € of turnover.

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