Explosion Protection for Coal Mills in Power Plants

In order to ensure the safety of a coal mill in a power plant, three parts of the process have to be protected by REMBE products.

  1. The process starts in the mill containing the coal. Due to the fact that the coal is combustible material and can be ignited easily, the mill has to be protected. Therefore a Q-Rohr should be applied, because the mill is mostly located inside a building and flames out of the vents have to be arrested. Additionally the Q-Rohr avoids pressure piling on the ventilation.

  2. After milling, the coal processed is blown upwards into a filter. In the filter the coal dust is dispersed and can be ignited as well. Therefore the filter has to be protected by vacuum resistant bursting discs such as the ODV and EDP, which protect the filter against excessive pressure in case of an explosion. The quantity of vents depends on the filter size (volume) and pressure resistance.

  3. Downstream of the filter the coal is fed into a silo. The coal in the silo is still combustible and with the silo creating a naturally explosive atmosphere, it has to be protected by several vacuum resistant explosion vents.

By applying this combination of REMBE products in a coal mill, an optimum level of safety can be ensured. The Q-Rohr provides flameless venting, which is vital especially when the mill is located inside of a building. Additionally an explosion of the filter can be prevented by vacuum resistant bursting discs (ODV / EDP), which act as a predetermined breaking point and prevent the filter getting destroyed in case of an explosion. Further the safety of the mill can be avouched by the ODV or EDP which in this case provide failure free safety as well. In comparison with other safety systems such as suppression, the application is maintenance free, which means a return on investment after a only a few years.

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