Explosion Protection in Milling Systems

In order to ensure the safe use of a milling system, three scenarios have to be considered.

1) Protection against explosions in the mill:

The first scenario is protecting against the results of an explosion in a mill (1). With regard to this, REMBE’s approach consists of a Q-Rohr® LF (2) at the air intake in order to allow the inlet of air, for pneumatic conveying under normal process conditions, whilst simultaneously arresting the flames and ensure pressure relief in case of an explosion in the mill.

2) Protection against explosions in the filter:

In case of an explosion in a filter (5), REMBE’s solution contains of a Quench Valve (4) which is installed between the mill and the product filter acting as an explosion isolator. In case of an explosion in the filter the Quench Valve is triggered by EXKOP® MINI and closes. In this scenario the bursting disc which vents, triggers the Quench Valve by sending a signal from its signal cable to the EXKOP® MINI.

3) Prevent spark propagation:

The third incident that has to be prevented is the propagation of sparks, which might cause an explosion in the filter system when entering it. In order to eliminate any chance of explosion the IR-detector FM 1/8 monitors and recognizes sparks in the mill and triggers the Quench valve.

The application of the described combination of REMBE products provides a maximum of safety for a mill, at a minimum of cost. Additionally the applied REMBE products do not cause false triggering related downtimes that suppression can cause.

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