Explosion Venting wth Rectangular Single Layer Burst Panels

The domed REMBE® rectangular burst panel provides a wide range of applications in case of alternating working pressure. This domed design, single layer explosion panel has a perfect venting efficiency due to its low weight and maximum opening.

The domed design guarantees an extraordinary stability in contrast to flat constructions.

Panels can be directly mounted on plane walls without using the usual counter frame. Due to the patented concept of combined gasket and breaking point configuration it is not required to control the clamping torque of the screws compared with similar competitor constructions.

Domed REMBE® rectangular burst panels are ideal for applications with alternating working pressures and can be mounted without a sub-frame.

Technical Data:

  • standard burst pressure pstat. = 0.1 bar g @ 22°C*
  • operating pressure up to 70 % from pstat.*
  • vacuum resistance up to 2,000 mm WC
  • temperature from -40° to 180°C*
  • material: stainless steel
  • gasket material: EPDM, silicon, foam rubber

  • In case of different operating conditions, e. g. higher operating pressure, vacuum, pulsation and temperature, consult the manufacturer.

Domed REMBE® rectangular burst panels are suitable for many explosion venting applications, including silos, filters, bucket elevators, bunkers and cyclones.

In Australia, Pressure Systems P/L are the exclusive agents for REMBE® explosion panels and bursting discs. Pressure Systems and its dedicated team, can assist you in calculating, sizing and selecting the correct explosion vent in most applications.

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