FastBack Dust Control Hood Solves The Problems Of Airborne Seasoning

Dust control hoods on FastBack Revolution Seasoning Systems at Golden Flake Snack Foods, USA are providing an effective solution to problems caused by airborne dust, the inevitable result of applying salt, cheese flavourings and other seasonings to snack foods.

“We are very happy with the performance of these new systems,” reports Rolando Benevidez, Maintenance Manager at Golden Flake. “The hoods are preventing product cross-contamination and allergen concerns with the dust, and are also reducing our clean-up time and costs. “In addition,” he reports, “the hoods have significantly reduced strong odours from seasonings like dill and salt and vinegar, which were very unpleasant to employees working in the packaging area.”

The new hood arrangement for on-machine seasoning systems mounts at the end of the Revolution tumble drum and shrouds the area directly above the multihead weigher’s centre dispersion cone, preventing the spread of dust in the packaging room. The lightweight single-piece hood can be pivoted open or easily removed without tools for fast and thorough cleaning and inspection.

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