FastBack Tube Conveyor

Conventional conveyors for powders, bulk solids and dusty products are difficult to maintain and clean. They also create sanitation problems by spreading dust into the manufacturing or packaging room. Product loss and excessive downtime for cleaning and maintenance all contribute to the high operating costs of screw, pneumatic, vibratory and drag conveyors.

A Heat and Control FastBack conveyor with a tubular pan provides effective dust containment, eliminates product spillage and reduces product damage.

The unique drive system eliminates chains, cables or moving parts from in or around the product area, simplifying maintenance and sanitation. No more air leaks from pneumatic systems or complicated operator fine-tuning of vibratory conveyors.

Fully-welded or easy-to-disassemble modular pans clean up quickly and are customized to fit any application. FastBack conveyors are ideal for products requiring superior sanitation control, including hazardous materials. All FastBacks are ruggedly built to insure dependable product distribution in the harshest factory environments.

Installation costs are minimal. Simply set the FastBack drive unit in place, mount the pan, and power-up. With noise levels below 70dB, FastBacks are the quietest conveyors on the market.

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