Filling Versatility

The Asset Packaging AV5 is a single cylinder volumetric filler with many benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. Its versatility sets it apart from its little brother, the AV3 because it can be used as a bench top machine or it can be conveyor mounted.

With a fill size ranging from 500ml – 5 litre (single shot) it can also handle multiple shot fills for 20 and 25 litre cubes. A cylinder kit can accompany the filler which allows for filling down to 60mls from the same machine if required. This kit is handy for those producers whose production run consists of larger volumes but who also have a smaller quantity of lesser volumes to pack, saving time and money on swapping machines (great for trial packs or promotional packs).

The AV5 comes standard as a bottom up fill with positive shut off nozzle to eliminate drips and wastage and avoid agitation of liquids. This filler can also be fitted with a roving nozzle designed for filling palette layers (bulk fills), and a counter can also be attached to automatically count five fill cycles. On large production lines the filler can be automated with gates and sensors on a continuously running conveyor.

Unlike its little brother the AV3, the AV5 is the perfect filler for varied and diverse fill ranges of liquids and lotions from 60mls to 25 litres.

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