Finished Product Label Claim Quantity Confirmation

Wayahead Systems are developing a Label Claim module within the 3WS weighing and mixing product. Many powder or liquid products, such a baby formula or OTC products, list all ingredients on the product. This list of ingredients includes other innate materials, such as zinc, iron, protein, etc which are by-products of the raw materials used in the product. This new module for final Batch Standardisation, will guarantee the Label Claim quantity of all materials listed on the finished product.

3WS will retain formula label claim material data and lot no Certificate of Analysis (COA) data. This data can be sent to 3WS by interfaces from other systems, such as LIMS or ERP. Alternately this data can be entered directly into 3WS.

When a production order is fully weighed in 3WS, the Batch Standardisation calculation will be processed against the order and lot nos used to determine the quantity of material and also Innate Materials (eg. Protein, Iron etc) used in the order. If any materials fail outside the allowable limits, 3WS will then suggest additional material / lot nos to use, to bring the order within the acceptable Label Claim quantity range.

The operator will then weigh the adjusted material / lot no. After the second group of weighings are complete, the Batch Standardisation calculation will be processed again to confirm the Label Claim quantities are OK. Then the manufacturing stages can be completed for the product. A full history of all calculations and adjustments is recorded, to regulatory requirement level.

The Label Claim module will be validated onsite in January 2011. Other manufacturing sites are planning to use this module once it has been validated and becomes operational.

In other Wayahead news, the 3WS weighing and mixing product has been linked to SAP at four sites in the last twelve months. Three of these sites also automatically link 3WS to their PLC bulk handling systems: AZO, GEA/Siemens and Rockwell. This results in full regulatory history reporting by date, time, user, location and lot no on all weighing and manufacturing activities, eliminating operator manual recording throughout the whole process.

If you have any barcode labelling, weighing, barcode scanning or manufacturing queries, please contact Wayahead to discuss how we can assist you.

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