Five New NMI Approved Load Cells From Kelba

Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd, in conjunction with Scaime Infinite Precision is pleased to announce the arrival of 5 new NMI (Formally NSC) trade approved, Hermetically Sealed, Stainless Steel, IP68 Shear Beam Load Cells, class C3 & C6.

The Facts:

Type of load cell: Shear beam.
Capacities: 300, 500, 1000, 2000 & 5000kg.
Class: C3 3000 divisions.
Capacities: 500, 1000 & 2000kg.
Class: C6 6000 divisions.
Finish: Stainless Steel.
IP Rating: IP68.
Sealing: Hermetically Sealed (Laser Welded Seal).
Cable Length: 5 Meters.
NMI Approval: S453
Warranty ex Kelba: 3 Years.
Availability: Ex Kelba stock now!

This new shear beam load cell is the ideal load cell for any application. But is especially suited for use in the harshiest environments, such as food and chemical plants, wash down areas etc when a TRADE APPROVED cell is required! Approved to NMI, Oiml R60 & 5000 d NTEP standards, you can be assured of the highest degree of accuracy. When used in a platform situation the LFA Stainless Steel adjustable swivel foot is highly recommended.

Kelba & Scaime a winning combination.

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