Flexco Introduces Cortec Roller Assembly Machine to Australian Factory

Flexco recently welcomed a new addition to its Australian factory, which will significantly improve lead time and product availability of CoreTech™ Nylon Conveyor Rollers in Australia. The new assembly machine commenced production this month from the Flexco manufacturing facility in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales.

Mark Colbourn, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Flexco, says lead time on the company’s CoreTech rollers will improve dramatically.

“By bringing roller assembly to our local factory we can offer short lead times on CoreTech rollers and increase product availability in the Australian region,” Colbourn said.

CoreTech rollers are made of lightweight, high strength, corrosion-and abrasion-resistant composite materials, making installation and maintenance of conveyor rollers on site faster, easier and safer.

“Nylon rollers are up to 60 percent lighter than equivalent steel rollers, lighter weight rolls make for quicker and less-costly installation and reduce the risk of worker injury without sacrificing performance,” Colbourn said.

CoreTech rollers last significantly longer than steel rollers in most applications because of their unique construction, featuring a rotating centrifugal seal that provides unmatchable protection from bearing failure. No matter what, dirt will penetrate the primary sealing area, but CoreTech rolls actually allow the dirt to escape helping to prevent roller failure.

The centrifugal seal is specifically designed to rotate with the roller, generating centrifugal force. This helps to ‘spin out’ fines, water, and other contaminants, preventing trapped material from damaging the bearing. This keeps operations up and running longer, and avoids costly maintenance downtime.

The Flexco factory currently manufactures a range of products distributed globally including pulley lagging, conveyor belt cleaners and ploughs, and belt cleaning tungsten tips. The company aims to continue increasing their manufacturing capacity at their Australian factory.

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