Floveyor Industrial Aero-Mechanical Conveyor

New from Floveyor the simpler, smaller Industrial Aero-Mechanical Conveyor that delivers throughputs up to 105,000kg [231,000lb] per hour using low maintenance 1.5 – 7.5 kW shaft-mounted gear motors.

Ideally suited to straight-line installations up to 20 metres [65ft], at angles from 0 to 90°, the Floveyor Industrial Aero-Mechanical Conveyor is available in 3,4 and 5 inch tube sizes. This fully enclosed conveyor moves dry powders and granules up to 12mm in size. Fluidising aero-mechanical technology delivers total batch transfer and handles friable and blended products without degradation or separation.

Standard safety and cleanability features include quick release hinged access points and hatches that are electrically interlocked for operator safety, Optional air ports are available for dry cleaning or a specialty pack for CIP wet cleaning.

Optional automation features include: an integrated electric or pneumatic baffle plate that eliminates the risk of starting or stopping the system under load and provides flexibility in controlling material feed, automated sequencing of startup and shutdown which can be interlocked with inline sensors for reliable process control, and a range of ‘early warning’ condition monitoring sensors for monitoring of system operating speed, bearing temperature and vibration.

The Industrial Aero-Mechanical Conveyor may be built entirely in AISI 304L or 316L stainless steel to meet food and pharmaceutical industry standards. Optional adjustable structural supports can be located above or below the conveyor or anywhere along its length.

The Industrial Aero-mechanical Conveyor is compatible with Floveyor’s full range of rope assemblies including our eddy-current and x-ray detectable variant for contamination-critical applications, designed in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines. An optional remote tensioning system for the rope assembly allows for inspection and maintenance from ground level within minutes.

Floveyor provides a full range of complementary equipment including mobile conveyors, FIBC (bulk bag) unloaders, tubular drag conveyors, screw feeders and lump breakers.

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