Flow Promotion Liners for Bulk Materials Handling

MATROX is a premium grade of UHMWPE sheet specifically developed by Rochling for bulk handling applications. MATROX assist in reducing typical flow problems of bulk solids in bins, hoppers, chutes, truck beds and other applications. However, every application, brings with it unique challenges and puts special demands on the plastic lining materials.

Changes in moisture and particle size can affect a product’s ability to flow. Traditional steel surfaces can become rough and corroded, causing materials to stick to the surface and causing blockages, reducing productivity and compromising quality control.

A range of MATROX UHMWPE grades, tailored to different lining applications with specific requirements is now available. The MATROX range combines the best surface friction qualities with abrasion resistance, promoting bulk material flow, whilst at the same time withstanding abrasion from these rugged applications. Compared to steel, lining an existing bin with MATROX UHMWPE sheet is only about one third the cost and the lower weight of MATROX sheet reduces the load on the overall structure. Installation of MATROX sheets is also much simpler.

Typical applications include hoppers, chutes, dump trucks, dragline buckets, silos, bins and bunkers etc.

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