Follow the Bulk Storage Leader

Columbian TecTank (A division of CST Industries) is the leading manufacturer of smoothwall bolted and welded silos for dry bulk storage. Each silo, large or small, is individually engineered for its application.

Custom engineering enables customers to select drive-through skirts, specialty hoppers, leg supports, passive flow control devices, tanks on load cells, internal blending, peripheral conveyor supports and interior maintenance platforms.

Regardless of the configuration and options needed, every CTT silo is supplied with a factory-baked coating produced in an ISO 9000 quality system certified facility. When you are looking for direction concerning your dry storage needs, follow the dry bulk storage leader – follow Columbian TecTank.

Bolted Smoothwall Advantage:

  • Custom engineering and quick fabrication equals less project time
  • Industrial process designs available with 45°, 60° and 70° hoppers – additional slopes as required
  • Mass flow designs (FIFO discharge)… Funnel flow designs (LIFO discharge)
  • Readily available from 3.6m to 14m diameter with hopper bottoms – Also available up to 60m diameter with flat bottom
  • State-of-the-art baked-on powder coating systems – internal and external
  • Versatility in the field for modification and expansion
  • Quick turnkey installation by Columbian TecTank without the use of a crane (required only in special circumstances)
  • Easily containerized for international shipment
  • Reliability in customer satisfaction – ISO 9001 quality system certified
  • In-house design, engineering and drafting

With over 150,000 tanks in 125 countries performing in thousands of applications, no other company can match Columbian TecTank’s bulk tank design, manufacturing and construction experience.

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