Following Traces of Metal Contaminants

The demands and expectations on product quality in the food and pharmaceutical industries are continuously increasing. As a result of growing quality consciousness, every manufacturer is now confronted with a number of new laws and regulations in the production area. Under the aspect of product liability, metal contaminants in products particularly pose a high risk. Sartorius metal detectors help minimize this risk as they detect metal contaminants before they can spoil end products for consumers or damage process machinery. Therefore, they provide a high level of protection for both consumers and machinery.

High Detection Accuracy

The technology used in the new Sartorius detectors ensures the highest sensitivity for all types of metal in diverse products. When metal is detected, a relay is activated; its potential-free switch-over contact can be used for any control processes, such as stopping the processing machine or conveyor belt, activating marking devices or ejectors, etc. The search sensitivity of the detector meets the high requirements of various industries. In addition to detecting magnetic metal parts, Sartorius metal detectors also reliably identify high-alloy steel particles and non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum, lead, etc.). Once they find any of these particles, they dependably eject contaminated products.

Their automatic self-monitoring and quality assurance routines ensure the highest possible safety. The stainless steel housing (AISI 304/BS 304) even meets the highest requirements on hygiene in accordance with HACCP. As a result, Sartorius metal detectors give users the key to ISO 9000/ISO22000 and HACCP and IFS compliance.

The Sartorius metal detector is available in a choice of two versions to accommodate the user’s application: MDE with a fixed frequency – an affordably priced model with rugged technology for quality control of most products, and MDP – the premium multi-frequency system that operates inthree selectable frequency ranges to 1 MHz along with special filtering technology. The MDP enables metal contaminants to be reliably detected even in critical production processes and in products with a high degree of electrical conductivity.
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User-friendly Operation

Exceptional ease of operation is what both versions have in common. Thus, the metal detector is simple to set using just the function keys and by following the display prompts in a choice of languages. The user can assign a joker key to a relevant function for convenient “touch-and-go” access. Context-sensitive, menu-driven dialogues ensure clear, easy-to-understand operator guidance. The operating terminal is integrated into the top part of the housing, and features for the premium version a 4-line, 20-character alphanumeric and backlit LCD, a keypad overlay with 16 function keys and three LEDs. Configurable passwords protect the detector from unauthorized changing of the settings.

Comprehensive Documentation

It goes without saying that all metal-detected and error messages are logged immediately following their occurrence. Various selectable reports document the plant status and all events that occur during production. For the premium version various optional interfaces are available, for example, for connection to the Sartorius ProControl for Windows software system. Therefore, this enables monitoring according to HACCP concepts.

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