Forty Metre Weighbridge Eliminates Split Weighing

The need for split weighing longer trucks at the Dalby Bio-Refinery was eliminated by the installation of a weighbridge measuring forty metres long. The concrete deck weighbridge comprises two individual weighbridge decks of twenty metres each, placed end-to-end.

Split weighing is the process used for weighing trucks and trailers that are longer than the overall length of the weighbridge deck. Split weighing involves weighing the truck/trailer in two halves and then combining both weight readings to attain the overall truck/trailer weight.

To achieve high weighing accuracy using split weighing, it is imperative that the approaches at both ends of the weighbridge are level and in the same plane as the weighbridge deck itself. Weighbridges with height and run-off discrepancies of more than a few millimetres can have significant weighing errors when split weighing and should not be used for trade weighing applications.

The weighbridge installed at Dalby allows B-Double road trains to be weighed in a single weighing transaction without the need for split weighing. Each weighbridge deck has its own digital weight indicator to allow both the operator and driver to view individual deck weights, A summing indicator combines the weight of both decks and transmits the weight readings via RS-232 serial output to a PC running the Ticket Aid Pro+ Weighbridge Software.

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