FOSS Releases New Features for Vision

FOSS NIRSystems introduces Service Pack 2 for Vision 3.50. Vision is a software package
specifically designed for use with the FOSS NIRSystems Near-Infrared (NIR) laboratory and
process analyzers. Vision 3.50 Service Pack 2 is a cumulative service pack and offers support for
the latest NIR laboratory and process hardware.

Below are some of the new features added in Service Pack 2:

A command has been added to initiate backup of all projects, libraries, diagnostic and
security databases from Windows Task Scheduler

  • The processing speed of Quant Sample Selection has been increased
  • The number of samples displayed in the PC Ellipses view has been increased

If you are a current user of the FOSS Vision software, please contact us for a complete list of
new features appearing in version 3.50, Service Pack 2.

The FOSS Vision software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and supports PAT through numerous
process analysis options and process communication capabilities. The software has an extensive
security system with multiple access levels, secure data archiving and report generation as well
as database and spreadsheet compatibility. Vision comes with a user-friendly electronic manual
with tutorials and data for self taught hands-on method development and software operation.

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