Free Guidline to Industrial Dust Explosion Protection

Prssure Systems, in conjunction with their principal REMBE, have available a Comprehensive Guideline to Industrial Explosion Protection, which includes scientific basics, case studies about incidents, prevention methods and constructive protection methods.

The purpose of the guideline is to demonstrate to engineers, plant managers, safety officers and others the risks associated with using flamable dusts. Examples of dust explosion incidents, which have occurred in practice, are used to help people without specialised knowledge in the field of dust explosions, to assess whether or not explosion hazards due to dust, may exist in their own plant.

The examples have been chosen so that, where possible, all important aspects of dust explosions are illustrated. These include;

  • Different types of dust (eg. plastic, food, sawdust.)
  • Hybrid mixtures
  • The effect of particle size
  • Ignition sources (eg. flames, mechanical sparks, static electricity)
  • Different types of plants (eg. mixers, silos, dryers)
  • Protective measures (eg. limitation of the amount of flamable material, avoidance of ignition source, explosion suppression)

For your free copy of the Comprehensive Guideline to Industrial Explosion Protection, contact Simon Anthony at Pressure Systems using this link or the enquiry form below.

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