Fresco Systems Batching/Feeding System

The Fresco Systems batching/feeding system is a safe, versatile and effective way to batch/feed your raw & processed materials into downstream processes.

The ability to safely handle 10-25kg bags, bulk bags (FIBCs) or both while achieving the highest level of operator ergonomics, safety, minimal product losses and dust containment are just some of our key design features.

Whether you are batching a set quantity with certain accuracies requirement into blenders, mixing tanks, etc or simply feeding a packaging machine, we have the knowledge and experience with most materials and circumstances so we can evaluate and recommend the most suitable system for your requirements.

Materials in 10-25 kg bags can be handled into our bag dump stations or our automatic bag slitters for higher throughput rates. Materials in bulk bags can be safely and effectively handled by our bulk bag unloaders. With selections of forklift type, low ceiling height – split frame type and electric hoist type bulk bag unloaders, will ensure that we have the suitable systems for your applications. Both 10-15 kg bags and bulk bags can also be handled in one system.

Dependant on the characteristics of the materials, flow aids are a key factor in ensuring that no product hang-ups occur in the process. Bag massager, vibratory motor, hopper agitators & air fluidisers can be used individually or combined to achieve the best result.

To suit your downstream processes, our batching / feeding system can be configured to do loss-in-weight, where weight taken from the system is controlled, gain-in-weight, where the equipment downstream is controlling the weight being fed, or simply by the equipment downstream calling for product as required.

Products can be conveyed or fed by using our metering screw feeders, flexible or rigid screw conveyors and various type pneumatic conveying systems. The conveying method will depend on factors such as conveying rate, accuracy requirements, cycle times, equipment layouts, product constraints and so on.

Contact Fresco Systems for discussions and review of your existing and upcoming batching/feeding systems. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Dubai and agencies worldwide, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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