Fresco Systems Fully Automatic Bag Slitting Machine

The demands to increase plant capacity with reduced labour and manual handling can be a tough job, but with the Fresco Systems Fully Automatic Bag Slitting Machine this is easily achieved.

The range of automatic low profile sack slitting machines has been designed to handle a wide range of differing bag sizes of powder or granular materials in a fully enclosed environment. The twin rotary knife cutting action ensures maximum powder recovery while the emptying bag is automatically ejected and compacted into a plastic waste receiving bag.

Opening rates up to 600 bags per hour depending on bag size and free flowing characteristics of the contents. The machines are of a compact design incorporating automatic infeed conveyor, bag emptying unit, dust extraction unit and waste bag compactor.

The operator or robotic de-palletiser loads the bags onto an integral powered horizontal infeed conveyor, which feeds the bags onto a retractable spike conveyor. This retains the bag during the cutting cycle while moving the bags forward to the cutting phase. Two rotary knife- cutting units automatically adjust to differing bag sizes and ensure the bag is cut cleanly on three sides, efficiently discharging the contents. As the bottom half of the bag is drawn around and under the spiked conveyor and an air facility is available to ensure maximum material recovery as it passes through the cutting stage. During the bag transfer, the spikes retract and the empty bag is automatically ejected into the waste compactor, which compacts the bag into a plastic waste- receiving bag.

The Fresco automatic bag slitting machine coupled directly to a Fresco Systems screw conveyor or pneumatic conveying system the powder or granular materials can be batched directly into the down-stream process automatically without operator input. The degree of automation can be tailored to suit each application and budget. The Fresco bag slitter is fitted with a self contained control system so can easily be installed and integrated into existing or new process systems.

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