Full Scale Trials Available at Matcon Test Centres

Matcon encourages customers to carry out full scale trials, wherever possible, to replicate site conditions. This approach minimizes project risk for all parties and promotes confident decision making. Their UK and US test centres are equipped such that full production can be replicated, assuring that throughput rates for the overall plant meets forecast demand.

Matcon has established a number of test centres world-wide that offer:

  • Raw Material handling / Sieving
  • Dosing/Formulation
  • Blending/No Segregation (with or without intensifier / liquid addition)
  • Packing systems to bags, 1 – 25kg
  • IBC and fixed equipment cleaning (wet and dry)
  • Full-scale testing of production equipment
  • Testing with customer’s material or a placebo
  • System interface/integration checks
  • Testing for Containment
  • Proving Material Flow
  • Gentle Tablet Handling
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • IBC Transportation
  • And much more…

In addition to Matcon’s test centres, the company also has a wide range of rental units, which can be transported to a clients production site for testing.

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