Further Signs of US Recovery as Demand for Online Moisture Analysis Picks Up

Online moisture analysis specialist Callidan Instruments reports a spike in sales activity in the United States during February and March.

Through US Representative KSS (Kanawha Scales and Systems) several of the MoistScan® online moisture analysis systems have been supplied into a diverse range of industries for a wide range of different applications.

One company with numerous facilities throughout the US processes electric arc furnace (EAF) dust generated by the steel industry. EAF dust contains approximately 20% zinc from galvanized scrap melted by steel mini-mills. The company recently purchased a further 2 MA-500 online microwave moisture analysers for a new recycling facility on the back of the excellent performance of the MoistScan® analysers at existing plants. An important part of the value adding process is kiln drying of the EAF dust in the creation of Crude Zinc Oxide and Iron-Rich Material. Knowing the moisture content of the raw feed to the kiln in real time enables plant operators to better regulate the operation of the kiln to reduce energy consumption and to ensure a consistent product of the right target moisture.

Another user of MoistScan® is a company that recycles and reuses the waste generated by agriculture, construction, felled trees and a variety of other sources. This biomass waste is currently unnecessarily filling landfills or burned or left to decompose at the production site, increasing air pollution. Measuring and controlling moisture in the biomass waste is integrally important to the energy generation process. The material is delivered, pulverized, stored and dried before being blown into a cyclonic combustor where it is combusted to produce steam for electricity generation. The moisture of the pulverized wood waste has a direct affect on the efficiency of the dryer and the combustion process.

Another company; a well known manufacturer of snack cakes, has a reputation for innovation and quality. In an effort to ensure absolute quality of its cake line, the company has purchased an MA-600 online microwave moisture analyser to continuously monitor the moisture content of its finished product. The MA-600 is located at the exit to the oven where the cake is presented to the analyser as a continuous block before it is cut and packaged. Moisture content is critical for quality and shelf life. Getting the moisture “just right” is always the operator’s objective. A real time measure of moisture is an extremely useful tool for achieving this objective.

MoistScan® US Distributor KSS has reported many more enquiries in the pipeline after a rather slow 12 months. This is evidence that activity is coming back into the market.

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