Game Changer for Infant Formula Mixing

Paddle Mixing Quality With Vacuum Transfer Efficiency:

The step forward in mixing technology for infant formula and milk powder is the Chemplant Hygienic Design Vacuum Mixer – CHDV. Utilizing proven paddle mixing technology and making it compatible with a vacuum transfer system in one unique design, positions the CHDV as the leader in high quality powder blending.


Already implemented in a number of infant formula plant designs, the mixer retains all the well-known attributes of the very successful C Series mixers and offers the added advantage of minimal plant footprint as compared to traditional gravity fed systems. The CHDV offers a solution to constraints imposed by existing building heights and can be integrated into a complete vacuum transfer plant.

The ability to discharge directly into hoppers below or to discharge into a conveying system provides added flexibility to plant design.


The CHDV mixers’ hygienic design adheres to the stringent requirements of the infant formula industry and produces consistent high quality homogeneous mixing.

Clear access to the internal body and rotors along with access to the flush fitting sanitary plug valve allows in situ cleaning and the plug valve can also be removed for complete sterilization.

The cylindrical form with torispherical ends provides a perfect platform for vacuum rating whilst eliminating potential trapping points for contamination.

We don’t just manufacture processing equipment, we design mixers with a focus on emerging trends, industry regulatory requirements d customer needs.

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