Grain Weighbridge Software for Dalby Bio-Refinery

Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch recently installed grain weighbridge software at Australia’s first Ethanol Bio-Energy plant located at Dalby, QLD. AASoftware’s Ticket Aid Pro+ Grain Weighbridge Software records all vehicle movements over the weighbridge as providing full statistical data for management reports.

As well as monitoring incoming grain, the weighbridge software reports on the volumes of ethanol being despatched over the weighbridge. Other by-products of the bio-energy conversion processes are also tracked by the grain weighbridge software as they leave the plant, including distilled grain, syrup for stockfeeds and carbon dioxide.

AASoftware’s grain weighbridge software was chosen by the client due to its operator friendly interface, its ability to be easily modified to suit specific site processes and its interfacing capabilities that allow it to easily link with a diverse range of printers, external devices and networking systems.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing sales and service support on weighbridge software to suit any application.

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