Gross Weight Bagging Machine for WA Fertilizer Company

A Gross Weight Bagging Machine was recently supplied to a Western Australian based supplier of fertilizers. The Gross Weight Bagger is used to bag 15-20kg bags of natural fertilizer into 2mm plastic bags at the rate of 5 bags per minute.

Gross Weight Bagging Machines fill product directly into suspended bags by weight with the product flow regulated by setpoint control from a digital weight indicator. Gross Weight Baggers are ideal for use in manual bagging operations which require an operator to perform basic tasks such as releasing the filled bag and fitting a new one to the filling spout.

Budpak’s GB50 Gross Weight Bagging Machine utilise a two speed vibratory feeder with the adjustable trickle feed used for the last few seconds of filling to achieve very accurate bag weights in the shortest possible time frame.

Two heavy capacity load cells are connected to a Rinstrum R5100 batching controller which has internal memory for storing up to 99 different bag weights for recall by a 6 character alpha/numeric name. This allows readily identifiable terms to be used such as UREA40, UREA25, TROPIC, etc to minimise potential operator confusion when selecting a new product.

Full product reporting is available, sorted by product types and lists number of bags, average bag weight and total throughput for each product.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest Weigh/Packaging company and has branches in all mainland states providing Superior Product Support on all scales, bagging machines, robot palletisers and stretch wrappers.

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