Handling Bulk Materials with Blowers can be More Efficient

For bulk handling of cereals and grains, metals and minerals, cement and sand, manufacturers traditionally use positive displacement blowers. Invented over a hundred years ago, they did not change as much as for example, phones or planes. However, if the company seeks to improve efficiency of the blowers to answer the demands of the XXI century, it is still possible.

Here are some tips on saving energy and increasing reliability of PD blowers.

Keep a backup bareshaft blower on the shelf for maintenance purposes – it mitigates risk of extended downtime and allows sufficient time for regular blower maintenance to be conducted. It may also be worth using two blowers instead of one, splitting the duty to increase reliability.

How old is the blower – would replacing the motor to a more efficient one make a difference? How long ago have you overhauled it? Bringing the blower back to customer specifications can lower energy consumption.

Investing in variable speed driven control options can result in significant energy savings in variable flow applications. If the blower is operating on a fixed speed, heavy duty cycle there is significant excess energy being consumed during low flow periods.

Is the blower sized correctly? Does it consume too much power and make too much air? Correctly sized blower may be cheaper than the one you bought 10 years ago, and it will also be cheaper to run.

How much does it cost to maintain? An aging blower with high maintenance costs can be constantly causing downtime and wasting precious energy. It may cost you next year as much to run as buying a new one – it may be time to say “goodbye” to this old unit!

If you consider investing into a new blower, here are some questions to ask a manufacturer:

  • Longevity of blower – would it last at least 20 years?
  • Maintenance – how easy and how often does it have to be checked and serviced?
  • What’s the warranty?
  • Would the model range be extensive to find the model that perfectly suits your desired duty?
  • Is the blower robust and fit for harsh Australian climate conditions?

Hurll Nu-Way, as a supplier of GE Roots Blowers, can guarantee we will find the best solution to your bulk handling task and offer you the great product backed up with industry leading warranty period (24 months). We supply both bare shaft models to retrofit on existing base and complete blower packages designed to suit any bulk handling application. Vacuum, pressure and high pressure blowers are available.

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