Harvestore® Raptor Series: Introducing Tomorrow’s Technology in Today’s Chains

CST Reveals New Raptor Series Premium Unloader Cutter and Conveyor Chains

June 9, 2017, Kansas City, MO – The Harvestore® Division of CST Industries, Inc., the world’s largest and leading tank and dome manufacturer, is pleased to announce the new Harvestore Raptor Series Premium Unloader Cutter and Conveyor Chains. Harvestore, dating back to the mid-1940s, is the premier solution for converting corn and hay silage into the highest quality, most palatable forage. The new Harvestore Raptor Series Chains are Harvestore Blueprint Parts, designed to work specifically with Harvestore Unloaders and outperform after-market offerings. All Harvestore Blueprint Parts are sold and backed by the knowledge and experience of an extensive world-wide Harvestore dealer network.

Harvestore’s new Raptor Series Chains are a result of CST’s commitment to an ongoing product development and improvement program. With extensive testing at an independent, accredited, third party laboratory, CST has further developed the cutter and conveyor chain technology and now offers tomorrow’s technology in today’s chains.

“Using proprietary, high-strength materials and high levels of manufacturing precision, the Harvestore Raptor Series Premium Unloader Cutter and Conveyor Chains provide the highest technical requirements in terms of wear resistance,” said Greg Hentschel, VP of Engineering at CST Industries, Inc.

The Raptor Series high performance chains are manufactured from hardened, proprietary high-alloy steels with long-lasting corrosion resistance, proven through independent third party testing. They are engineered to offer higher strength and more fatigue resistance than older model stainless steel counterparts.

The new Raptor Series Chains are unique to the industry, featuring bushings made of a proprietary alloy, far superior to stainless steel, for excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance. All pitch holes are laser cut rather than the traditional stamping, so the strength of the metal is not compromised by the applied force used in stamping. Sidebars are subjected to shot peening during assembly, a cold working process that helps to avoid cracks on the surface of the sidebars. This compressive stress improves the chain’s fatigue resistance.

All new Harvestore unloaders will be shipped with the new Raptor Series Chains. In addition, these chains are available for existing XL 400, XL 200, Alliance, and Goliath unloaders and are competitively priced.

“Harvestore Blueprint Parts are engineered and manufactured to strict tolerances so they perform under extreme conditions. In order to meet the ever-growing demands of today’s modern feeding systems, CST will continue its commitment to innovation in our products and provide our customers with the best solutions. We are proud of our products and what they are doing for the farming community,” said Tim Carpenter, President and CEO of CST Industries, Inc.

CST continues to invest in the highest level of research and development for ongoing product improvement. CST remains committed to providing the best quality product available in the market today for agricultural storage solutions. For more information on the Harvestore Raptor Series Chains, visit us at www.cstindustries.com.

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