Haver & Boeker at The Emballage 2014 Trade Fair in Paris; 17 to 20 November

Under the “Time to Chain“ motto, Haver & Boecker is presenting itself in Hall 5a, Stand E142 at the Emballage 2014 Trade Fair in Paris from 17 to 20 November. Since the beginning of the year the Oelde-Germany based company has dedicated itself to linking its premium technologies to form entire systems. In addition to its new Roto-Packer® Adams® Mini packing system,Haver & Boecker is also featuring the technological building blocks of its subsidiary companies Newtec Bag Palletizing and Feige Filling at Emballage 2014. Staff from the regional Haver & Boecker subsidiary Haver France, Achères, will also be available to assist you at the booth.

Haver & Boecker Roto-Packer® Mini enables the filling of powder products into compact PE pouches and small bags for the first time.

Now that the Haver & Boecker Roto-Packer® Adams® Mini has been introduced to the global public at Powtech 2014 in Nuremberg, it is also the main exhibit at Emballage. The Roto-Packer®, based on the proven Adams® technology, fills for the first time powder-type bulk materials into compact PE small bags at speeds of up to 600 bags per hour and over a steplessly adjustable weight range of 1 – 10 kg. At the same time the experts from the Haver Innovation Management are working to increase the packing speed to 1200 bags/hr. Here filling into pouches small bags from a tubular film or into every type of pre-made bag is possible. Using an additional module, the customer can also form the pouch directly from a flat film inside the Roto-Packer® system.

The small bags are air-tight and sealed shut, thus making them impermeable to the weather elements, clean and compact. Moreover they provide for perfect appearance. The customer saves money on packaging, storage and from fewer consumer complaints. The image value of the product is enhanced thanks to the packaging’s premium quality.

Newtec Bag Palletizing G600 series for palletizing filled bags at intermediate production capacity levels. The new G600 palletizer series from Newtec Bag Palletizing is celebrating a world premiere at Emballage. The system was developed to fulfill the special customer requirements for space-saving solutions for the intermediate production speed ranges. This innovation is based on the proven G300 palletizer series. To increase capacity, the G600 series palletizers work using two lifts to convey the bags.

Control of the palletizers is done via a Human-Machine-Interface, which allows the user to operate the machine intuitively. Here the operator can perform a product changeover or switch to a maintenance mode with only a few adjustments. A VPN connection for remote maintenance ensures ongoing support by specialists of Newtec Bag Palletizing and allows a reduction in maintenance time. This leads to cost savings for customers.

Feige PalletFill Type 16 – Precise filling of liquids in combination with the cost-effective “Plug & Fill” solution as a mobile unit. “Plug & Fill” and “Atex compliance” are the key functions with which the Feige Filling swivel-type pallet filling station has met the special market needs. This pallet-filling station, available as a mobile or a stationary unit, is used for the automatic and calibrated filling of drums, pails and IBCs on pallets.

The mobile design allows filling directly at the tank without first having to pump the product from the tank system to a fixed filling system. 255 dosing-parameter settings for a variety of products can be entered. Here a highly cost-effective solution was found: the control and operating system are placed directly at the filling station. The filling station can be easily and quickly moved around so that it can go to work at different locations!

The designation indicates a registered trademark of Haver & Boecker ohg in Germany. Several indicated designations are protected trademarks also in other countries worldwide.

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