Hawk Measurement at QREX Mining Show

Hawk Measurement will be showing the awarded ORCA Sonar product along with Sultan Acoustic Wave level technology and our new Gladiator Switch series at the QREX mining show in Rockhampton 21-23 of July.


The SULTAN 234 emits a high powered acoustic wave transmit pulse which is reflected from the surface of the material being measured.The reflected signal is processed using specially developed software to enhance the correct signal and reject false or spurious echoes. Sultan Level is versatile and suitable for most applications in the mining and water industry.

ORCA Sonar Bed Level System

The ORCA Sonar will measure up to two density interfaces simustaneously, either bed level or RAS blanket and floc/fluff layer or clarity of water.

GLADIATOR Admittance Switch

Designed to detect the level of liquid, slurry or powder in a tank or vessel. The unit measures the capacitance or “admittance” between a probe and the wall of the continer. Operates in tough industrial environments.

GLADIATOR Conductivity Switchtment

Conductivity Switches are suitable for most applications that involve a conductive liquid, including food and beverage processing, chemical, oil and gas, paint, paper, pharmaceutical, and water and wastewater treatment.

GLADIATOR Vibration Switch

Provides a level limit detected of fine grained free-flowing solids including very low density and pneumatically conveyed medium, powders, plastic, chips, cement, sand, sugar, food grains, etc. Also used for indicating an empty tank, switching of conveyors when a vessel is full.

GLADIATOR Microwave Switch

Point level switching for presence or absence of most solid and liquid materials. Environmentally and personally safe replacement for nucleonic switches. Used in any application where microwave energy is absorted by the material being monitored, including replacement of traditional contact switching devices.

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