Hazardmon.com – A secure cloud based monitoring solution for bucket elevators and conveyors

4B has created a hazard monitoring solution that will revolutionise the industry by introducing a greater level of transparency and record keeping. Hazardmon.com is a secure cloud based industrial monitoring solution that allows any registered user to login and see all their facilities in real-time from anywhere in the world.

This product offers seamless integration with 4B’s communication BUS system – the T500 Elite “Hotbus” – which monitors a wide range of hazards / conditions on bucket elevators and conveyors, including belt alignment, belt speed, continuous bearing temperature, pulley alignment, level and choke detection.

Hazardmon.com Platform Features

  • The website is designed to be modern, simple and user friendly. A new videos section will be appearing on the website very soon with short videos demonstrating how flexible the product is and giving examples of how to use some of the more advanced or hidden features.
  • Secure and encrypted login and data transfer of industrial strength – 256bit SSL. This ensures website security and data safety.
  • No on-site server or PLC needed. No upkeep and upgrade costs. No hardware to replace or backup. The F500 unit sends data directly to our server in the cloud.
  • All the data is stored in the cloud and backed up in multiple locations making the data extremely secure. The end user does not need to worry about backing up the data off-site. In the event of an explosion, because the data is stored off-site it will not be lost, and it would be possible to analyse the data and use it as evidence in determining the cause of explosion.
  • The webserver is constantly being updated and the user experience improved. Additionally more and more products from 4B are being supported. With this product you get the peace of mind that your facility will always be at the leading edge of technology!

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