High Performance Ducting Keeps The Mining Industry Clean

The mining industry relies on a number of things to keep viable. Not least of which is the proper analysis of samples – a highly important function where even the smallest amount of contamination can give the wrong result in any given exploration, potentially costing millions of dollars in lost or incorrect mining work.
Therefore the use of a reliable and highly functioning extraction system is paramount to getting the best and most accurate results for those that test field samples from Australia’s $60 Billion a year mining industry.

Genalysis is a mining and sampling laboratory that offers a comprehensive range of analytical services to the global mineral exploration industry. It has a centralised laboratory in Perth, Western Australia and sample preparation facilities in Kalgoorlie and Adelaide and in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Recently, Genalysis installed Eximo SpeedLock telescopic ducting and flexible extraction systems to not only lower the amount of dust in the atmosphere for its workers, but also to ensure no cross-contamination of samples would occur, thus potentially costing its customers many thousands of dollars in incorrect results.

According to Mathew Summers, 2IC of the sample preparation division of Genalysis, the amount of dust removed can total “up to 1 tonne per week”, adding that “without this system, I would not be able to see more than a few metres in the factory at any one time due to the amount of dust flying around”.

In fact notes Summers, "we would not be able to work without this system. It is an essential part of our operation, as the extraction removes the excess dust in the sample preparation areas".
The size of dust says Summers “is about the 75 micron size and the Eximo extraction system, along with the Donaldson filters and bags works very well, in fact we had a similar extraction system before, but this Eximo/Donaldson combination is far more effective”.

“Cross-contamination of samples is a very important issue for us and without this system, we would be out of business”, he notes.

And according to Simon Inskip, Director of Inskip Dust & Fume, the Adelaide-based company that performed the installation of the system, “the installation at Genalysis took about 4-5 weeks and the two units we used were a Donaldson Torit down flow unit DFO4-48 and DFO3-36 with a cartridge collector”.

Inskip notes that the Eximo SpeedLock brand of ducting has undergone a lot of upgrades over the last year or so and is now positioned to basically benefit any user in almost any industry, which is one reason why the installation at Genalysis went so well”. Furthermore he notes that the dust collector is a reverse pulse, delta p controller and is pulse on demand, which is perfectly suited for the type of work Genalysis is doing.

Inskip notes that the telescopic pieces allow quick and easy installation without the need for measuring and cutting on site – simply slide to the length required, and close the lever lock ring for a perfect seal. All up notes Inskip, on each system "we ran about 30 m of duct work".

As for Mathew Summers, he says that “I do not have a single complaint about the Eximo ducting system and as I mentioned earlier, without it, we would simply not be able to function”.

The industries that would benefit form the Eximo Ducting Modular System include mining, food manufacturing, wood machining, chemical production, assembly plants, bulk handling areas, agricultural industries, papermaking, plastics, steelmaking, welding, cutting and other manufacturing sectors.

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