How MP-Maustepalvelu met Increased Demands from Clients and Markets, Reducing Inventory and Maintaining Lead Times

Matcon Technology’s design allows full traceability and batch integrity throughout the process. The enclosed and safe handling of all varieties of recipes and ingredients has allowed MP-Maustepalvelu to upgrade the facility into a 21st Century facility. The project resulted in;

Highest Product Quality Assurance….

Enclosed batch handling without risk of contamination, with a process design applying the future high standard for the hygiene industry. Quality assurance can be monitored at every process step without interfering in the process flow. By doing this Maustepalvelu can ensure their product is safe and delivered at the correct quality.

Short Lead Times….

Matcon Technology works in conjunction with the LEAN principle ‘JIT’ (Just In Time) which allows the short lead time without adding risk to the process. This enables the end user to be confident that their order will be supplied at the correct time without compromising on quality.

No WIP (Work In Progress) Inventory….

The technology works with the Parallel Process Concept, which is a key factor to ensure efficiency and agility without WIP. It allows for each process step to be reliably performed simultaneously, without hold up or interference.

Increased Flexibility and Allergen Handling….

Rising demand of allergens in products challenges traditional process design, preventing old styles to be used efficiently. To overcome this, Maustepalvelu have incorporated the IBC System which handles the allergen in a controlled and safe manner. This supports the LEAN philosophy to run ’any product, any time’ in a fully controlled environment.

Ultimate Hygiene Standard and Batch Integrity….

With the process industry facing a number of increased challenges to adhere to external audits, compliances and hygienic standards – it is vital to use technology which complies, Matcon Technology results in trust for the user to comply at highest ratings.


Maustepalvelu (MP Spice Service Ltd) is Finland’s leading food consultant and supplier of food ingredients, with over 60 years of experience in the field. Maustepalvelu’s services cover the full spectrum – from the initial idea, through product development, procurement, storing ingredients and manufacturing customised blends to punctual delivery of the finished product. Over the many years that Maustepalvelu have been in business, they have transformed themselves from simply a supplier of raw materials to a genuine partner who provides expertise to promote their customers’ success. It is a proactive company with a worldwide network of contacts.

Maustepalvelu’s customers benefit from their expertise through gaining smaller inventories, ready to use solutions, innovative ideas, specialist support in product development and enhanced business efficiency. These are all incentives for genuine and fruitful cooperation that is mutually beneficial. All customer relationships are based on trust and confidentiality.

2013 Maustepalvelu handles over 1000 finished items with over 500 various ingredients. Present staff is a total of 67 employees with net sales of 21,2M€ (2012).

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