How to Build Tank, Vessel and Hopper Weighing Systems

Mettler Toledo has released a new webinar on the design and application of weigh modules for tanks, silos, vessels, hoppers and conveyors. Developed specifically for engineers, designers and service people, the webinar covers the fundamentals of designing, building and installing effective, customised weighing solutions.

Using the correct weighing technology is critical in achieving the required accuracy over the entire life cycle of a weighing system. However, accuracy also depends on the system’s design and mechanical issues, including foundation, beam deflections and piping. These issues can cause severe weighing errors as the structure is supporting weight that should be applied to the weigh modules.

With experience on a global base in consulting, developing and installing tank, silo, vessel and hopper weighing systems, Mettler Toledo now offers an educational webinar on the design and installation of weigh modules. It covers design calculations, thermal effects, piping connections, designing of support structures and calibration, and has been specifically designed for service people in the field.

Mettler Toledo offers a comprehensive range of weigh modules, weight transmitters and terminals in various versions suitable for use in dry, wet or hazardous environments.

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