Hygienic Development in Food Industry Packaging

BTH has been developing and manufacturing packaging machines for the food industry for almost 15 years. Milk powder, raw materials for bakeries and a wide diversity of food ingredients are some of the most common products the company packaged.

Bottom-up Filling:

One of BTH’s strengths in the food industry is the bottom-up filling system. The bag is filled from the bottom up via a vertical dosing screw; therefore minimising the creation of dust and reducing the aeration of the product. The vertical screw is frequency controlled so all powder products can be dosed accurately and quickly. Various designs are available to suit the properties of any product and the desired production capacity.

Shelf Life:

The shelf life of fresh products can be extended by reducing the level of oxygen in the finished package. This is achieved by installing filling machines with gas flushing equipment. The BTH gas flushing system uses nitrogen to displace the oxygen that is present in the product and the bag, leaving just a minimum residual amount of oxygen in the sealed package.

Tracking and Tracing:

BTH packaging lines and machines can communicate with MES software. This provides a two-way advantage. The MES system sends the BTH machine the production orders providing a fully automatic order processing system. In turn, the BTH machine supplies the MES system with production.

Closed Bag Transport:

BTH filling machines can be fitted with devices for closed bag transport. This ensures that a bag is closed transported from the filling position eliminating the risk of product contamination once in the bag. The controlled movement of the bags through the machine is then carried out with a closed bag top transport system. This system replaces the mechanical take-over devices to guide the bags and therefore creates free space underneath the bag conveyor belt to facilitate access to the filling machine and speed up cleaning.

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