iBulk: Finding the Sweet Spot

“When a client came to iBulk with a problem we, as always, went in search of the answer. The question was how to screen 120tph of sugar into graded and caster sugar. To find the answer we researching the issue locally through our installations at multiple sugar refineries then looked internationally through iBulk’s long association with Rotex Inc, Cincinnati” Reported Mr Tony Webber managing director, iBulk.

The finally solution was to install three iBulk® Rotex 70 Series Gyratory Screeners to handle this duty.

With the screening system in place the next phase was to ensure that, at the out loading end all oversize contaminant were removed. This was yet another challenge iBulk provided a solution for through the installation of three more Rotex Gyratory Screeners.

In all cases the importance of cleanliness and safety was maintained through the use of FDA approved materials and the installation of intrinsically safe instrumentation for the monitoring of heat levels to prevent potential dust ignition.

“You don’t find the question to fit the answer, you find the answer to fit the question and this is what we do at iBulk. Our success lies in tailoring solutions for our clients and I know this client was sweet on the solution we tailored for them” added Mr Webber.

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