Improved IBC Blending Efficiency from Matcon

The efficiency advantages of “in bin” IBC Blending over conventional fixed continuous and batch mixing are well known.

  • Batch IBCs can be replaced in minutes, allowing very high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) on the mixer itself.
  • IBC filling, emptying and cleaning are all done off-line, in parallel to mixing operation.
  • There is zero cross-contamination between batches, as the mixer requires no cleaning.

However, traditionally IBC blending is very gentle, relying on “flow” alone to mix the ingredients, limiting application to easy flowing powders and granular materials.

Now Matcon has developed a new intensifier feature which provides all the benefits of “in bin” Blending but for a much wider range of recipes.

The system incorporates an IBC lid with rotating shaft and a series of chopper blades.

The design and number of blades and speed of operation are all configurable to suit the specific recipe requirements.

The system has already been successfully applied to many fine compressible powders, agglomerated, oily, waxy and fibrous additives. Even liquids have been homogenously mixed into powders, without resultant lumps.

Full scale testing facilities are available at the Company’s Test Plant in Moreton in Marsh, UK. For further information, or to arrange tests, contact your nearest Matcon office.

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